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Nickel Chromium Alloy Pipes

Pioneers in the industry, we offer monel k500, alloy pipes 20 stainless, uns n08020, alloy pipes 904l, monel alloy 400 pipes, chromium alloys and inconel 601 from India.

Monel K500

Monel K500
  • Monel K500
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Monel K500 is a precipitation hardening nickel copper alloy that retains the excellent corrosion resistance of Alloy 400 with the added advantage of increased strength and hardness values that can be maintained up to 650ºC. It is widely used in marine environments due to its excellent corrosion resistance, and is often utilised in high-velocity seawater and in stagnant or slow-moving seawater. Alloy K500 offers an exceptionally high dimensional stability and, as with Alloy 400, its low temperature mechanical properties are very good with no transition temperature, making the alloy suitable for many cryogenic applications. It does, however, have a greater tendency toward stress-corrosion cracking in some environments when in the age-hardened condition, although it displays resistance in a sour-gas environment.


  • Standard: UNS N08020
  • Dia.: 6-830 mm
  • Length: 5-15 m

Characteristics of monel k500:

  • Good corrosion resistance in marine environments
  • Good resistance to non-oxidising acids, alkali and salts
  • High retention of properties at elevated temperatures

Chemical composition of monel k500:

63.0-70.0Remainder2.30-3.15.35-.85.25 max1.5 max2.0 max.01 max.50 max

Mechanical properties of monel k500:

Ultimate Tensile Strength (N/mm2)Proof Strees (N/mm²)Elongation(%)Hardness (HB)
970-1000690-76015-2027-35 HRC
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Alloy Pipes 20 Stainless, UNS N08020

Alloy Pipes 20 Stainless, UNS N08020
  • Alloy Pipes 20 Stainless, UNS N08020
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Product Details:

Unit Length6 m
Single Piece Length6 meter
Pipe FluidChemical
ShapeOval, Round
EndPlain End, Beveled End
AlloyWith Alloy
Size/Diameter>4 inch

Alloy 20 is an austenitic stainless steel possessing excellent resistance to hot sulfuric acid and many other aggressive environments which could readily attack Type 316 stainless. 20 CB-3 stainless is also stabilizes to limit inter-granular attack, even in the sensitized condition. Important advantages of 20 CB-3 stainless are its excellent mechanical properties and comparative ease of fabrication. The presence of Columbium in the alloy minimizes the precipitation of carbides during welding.


  • Standard: UNS N08020
  • Material: Alloy
  • Dia.: 6-830 mm

Chemical composition:

  • Carbon: 0.070 max
  • Manganese: 2.00 max
  • Copper: 3.00-4.00
  • Chromium: 19.00-21.00
  • Nickel: 32.50-38.00
  • Molybdenum: 2.00-3.00
  • Sulfur: 1.00 max
  • Columbium +Tantalum: 8 x C min-1.00 max
  • Phosphorus: 0.035 max
  • Iron: Balance
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Alloy Pipes 904L

Alloy Pipes 904L
  • Alloy Pipes 904L
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Alloy 904L is a high-combination austenitic stainless steel with low carbon content. The evaluation is proposed for utilization under extreme destructive conditions. It has been application demonstrated over numerous years and was initially created to oppose consumption in weaken sulphuric corrosive. It is institutionalized and affirmed for weight vessel use in a few nations. Basically, Alloy 904L is completely austenitic and is less delicate to precipitation ferrite and sigma stages than customary austenitic evaluations with high molybdenum content. Distinctively, because of the mix of generally high substance of chromium, nickel, molybdenum and copper 904L has great imperviousness to general erosion, especially in sulphuric and phosphoric conditions.

Features of alloy 904l:

  • Profoundly impervious to setting, hole and general erosion.
  • High imperviousness to chloride stress erosion breaking
  • 50% stronger than 300-arrangement austenitic stainless steels
  • Superb effect sturdiness
  • Superb workability and weldability


  • Standard: ASTM B677, B366, ASME SB677, SB366
  • Grade: 904L
  • Shape: Round

Uses of alloy 904l:

  • Seawater taking care of gear
  • Mash factory dye frameworks
  • Compound transforming hardware
  • Sustenance transforming hardware
  • Desalination hardware
  • Vent gas desulphurization scrubbers

Chemical composition of alloy 904l:


Mechanical properties of alloy 904l:
Tensile Rm71ksi (min)
Tensile Rm490MPa (min)
R.p. 0.2% Yield32ksi (min)
R.p. 0.2% Yield220MPa (min)
Elongation (2” or 4D gl)35% (min)

Physical properties of alloy 904l:

Specific Heat (0-100°C)°K-1
Thermal Conductivity11.5W.m -1.°K-1
Thermal Expansion15.8mm/m/°C
Modulus Elasticity190GPa
Electrical Resistivity9.52μohm/cm


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Monel Alloy 400 Pipes

Monel Alloy 400 Pipes
  • Monel Alloy 400 Pipes
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Monel 400 is a nickel-copper alloy resistant to seawater and steam at high temperatures and widely used in the chemical, oil and marine industries. As a solution strengthened material, it displays good strength, toughness and corrosion resistance at temperatures up to 400°C.

Its corrosion resistance is particular strong in rapid flowing brackish water or seawater. Alloy 400 also exhibits good resistance to hydrofluoric and dilute non-oxidising acids, alkalis and salts. It also resists corrosion by dry chlorine and hydrogen chloride and is not susceptible to stress corrosion cracking. This grade is readily cold formable and weldable.


  • UNS N04400
  • ASTM /ASME B 366
  • Dia.: 6-850 mm

Characteristics of monel 400:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance in marine environments
  • Good resistance to non oxidising acids, alkalis and salts
  • Not susceptible to chloride stress corrosion cracking

Chemical composition of monel 400:
.30 max2.00 max.024 max.50 max63.0 min28.0-34.02.50 max

Mechanical properties of monel 400:

Tensile Strength (N/mm2)Proof Strees (N/mm²)Elongation(%)Hardness (HB)
480-600170-41520-3535 HRC max

Additional Information:

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Kilogram
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Chromium Alloys

Chromium Alloys
  • Chromium Alloys
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Inconel 718 is a precipitation hardening nickel-chromium alloy that also contains additions of iron, niobium, molybdenum, aluminium and titanium, providing a unique combination of high strength and corrosion resistance together with excellent weldability. The Chromium Alloys possesses excellent tensile, fatigue, creep and rupture strengths across a wide temperature range from around -253ºC to 705ºC. The high chromium content present in the material results in excellent oxidation resistance up to temperatures of around 980ºC. Alloy 718 also offers outstanding corrosion resistance in a variety of media. It excels in many environments including organic and inorganic acids (other than when strongly oxidising), hydrogen sulphide and sour gasses. It is also especially resistant to chloride stress-corrosion cracking. This combination of properties, coupled with its exceptional weldability results in a material that truly can be described as a “Superalloy”.



  • Color: Golden
  • Material: Chromium Alloys
  • Dia.: 5.5-850 mm


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Inconel 601

Inconel 601
  • Inconel 601
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Inconel 601 is a nickel-chromium combination utilized for applications that oblige imperviousness to consumption and warmth. This nickel compound emerges because of its imperviousness to high temperature oxidation, remaining exceptionally impervious to oxidation through 2200° F. Composite 601 adds to a firmly follower oxide scale which opposes spalling even under states of extreme warm cycling. This nickel compound has great high temperature quality, and holds its flexibility after long administration presentation. It has great imperviousness to fluid consumption, high mechanical quality, and is promptly framed, machined and welded. Inconel 601’s properties make it a material of wide utility in fields like warm transforming, substance preparing, contamination control, aviation, and force era. On the other hand, amalgam 601 is not recommended for utilization in unequivocally diminishing, sulfur bearing situations.

Characteristics of inconel 601:

  • Remarkable oxidation imperviousness to 2200° F
  • Opposes spalling even under serious warm cycling conditions
  • Exceedingly impervious to carburization
  • Great web blanket crack quality
  • Metallurgical stability

Applications of inconel 601:

  • Chemical Processing
  • Aerospace
  • Heat treating industry
  • Power generation
  • Heat treating muffles and retorts
  • Radiant tubes
  • Catalyst support grids in nitric acid production
  • Steam superheated tube supports

ASTM specification of inconel 601:

Pipe SmlsPipe WeldedTube SmlsTube WeldedSheet/PlateBarForgingFittingWire

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Mechanical properties of inconel 601:

Tensile (psi).2% Yield (psi)Elongation (%)


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Inconel 825

Inconel 825
  • Inconel 825
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Inconel 825 is a titanium-stabilized nickel-chromium-iron-molybdenum-copper alloy designed for use in extremely corrosive environments. It has a very high resistance to oxidation and outstanding resistance to stress corrosion cracking in chloride conditions. It is resistant to pitting corrosion in sulphuric and phosphoric acids and resists attack in strongly oxidising media such as nitrates, nitric acid and oxidising salts. It also resists most organic acids and alkali solutions. The alloy is reasonably ductile and can be worked in a similar way to austenitic stainless steels.



  • Length: 1000 mm-3000 mm
  • Material: Inconel
  • Dia.:  3 mm-300 mm


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